Circle For Archangel Michael at Magika Sunday, Oct 1

My friends, I would like to invite each and every one of you to come to 107 Federal Street in Salem, Massachusetts on Sunday, October 1st at 3:00 PM in the hour of the sun to attend a circle in honor of The Archangel Michael and all the angelic powers who watch over us. We will be asking Archangel Michael and all of the angels to help humankind in promoting peace, love and harmony throughout the world. Unless human beings become aware of the harm that they are doing to mother Earth through their continued negativity and hatred, we will continue to see the type of worldwide weather disasters, earthquakes and other calamities that we have been seeing of late. This is not the wrath of god. This is the result of human negativity and hatred being transmitted into nature and nature is rebelling. We reap what we sow.

As Giordano Bruno said, everything in the universe is connected. Even things that seem to be inanimate have a spiritual aspect to them or in other words, a soul. Humanity is hurting the soul of the Earth through hatred and negativity! We must pray to the Angelic forces to help humanity to change its ways and adopt light and love in place of hatred! We will ask for this in our circle.

We will also use this wonderful occasion to dedicate and consecrate the Chapel of the Archangel Michael at Magika. There is no cost to attend and participate in the circle. The only currency that I ask you to bring is the currency of love and prayer! If you can’t join us in person, please join us from where ever you are by calling on Archangel Michael and the angelic forces at 3pm and join us spiritually. I hope to see you all there! Many blessing of love and light to you all !

Parking Note — Please park in nearby public parking. There is no on-street parking at our new location. You can park for a reasonable rate at the City of Salem Lot on Bridge Street, or other public lots downtown Salem. It is a pleasant walk to our new location in the historic McIntire District, and it will be a fair day.

For directions and parking info please see:

Rev. Lori Bruno
Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church
And the Chapel of The Archangel Michael
Salem, Massachusetts …and the Vast Cosmos