Ancient Wisdom for the modern age
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Discover the wisdom, healing & magic of the ancient Craft

Magika is a witchcraft store in Salem, Massachusetts — and the long-time vision of owner Lori Bruno, Sicilian Strega and high priestess of the Old Craft.

Our name, Magika, combines the word “magi,” meaning the wise men and women of old, with “ka,” the ancient Egyptian word for soul. In the time-honored spirit of the Craft, we’re dedicated to serving humanity with wisdom, integrity, truth, courage, and honor (the true meaning of “witch.”) We invite you to join us!

Get insight & guidance into your life
Magika is a place of peace and understanding, if you need advice, please book a reading and sit with Lori or one of our other psychics to discuss your past, present and future. Our expert readers all have deep experience helping their clients with a range of personal matters. 
Learn the ancient ways from Craft elders

Magika is also a place of learning. Throughout the year we offer an extensive curriculum taught by the modern Craft’s finest minds, in keeping with ancient traditions. 

Stop by and say hello!

The shop is nestled in the heart of Salem’s beautiful wharf district, a stone’s throw from the sea. We invite you to visit us. Our current shop hours are 11am-7pm daily.  If you are stopping in for a reading owner Lori Bruno is by appointment only and our guest readers are available by appointment or walk-in.