UPDATE – For the foreseeable future, Magika will be closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic as directed by public health restrictions, and to assure personal safety of our helpers and clients.  If you have any questions, please call Lori Bruno at 978-741-9297. Thank you all and many blessings and be safe.

Lori Bruno – Telephone Readings by Appointment.
Call ahead to 978-741-9297.
Please leave a message if you encounter the answering machine.

Stacey Freedman-Quinones – Telephone, Video & Face-Time Readings available.
Call ahead to 508-944-3117.


We regret to advise that Richard is no longer scheduling readings.
Please see the Psychic Readers page for more info

Magika is now at 107 Federal St, Salem, MA.
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Welcome to Magika & The Chapel of Michael the Archangel.

Discover the Wisdom, Healing & Magick of the Ancient Craft of the Wise


Magika is a traditional witchcraft store in Salem, Massachusetts — and the long-time vision of Lori Bruno, Sicilian Strega and high priestess of the Old Craft.

Our name, “Magika,” combines the word “magi,” meaning the wise men and women of old, with “ka,” the ancient Egyptian word for the Soul. In the time-honored spirit of the Craft of the Wise, we’re dedicated to serving humanity with wisdom, integrity, truth, courage, and honor (the true meaning of “witch.”) We invite you to join us!

Get Insight & Guidance Into Your Life

Magika is a place of peace. If you need advice, please book a reading and sit with Lori or one of our other highly experienced psychics to discuss your future. Our expert readers have deep experience helping their clients with a range of personal matters.

Learn more about our Readers Here.

Learn the ancient ways from Craft elders

Magika is also a place of learning. Watch for an extensive curriculum taught by the modern Craft’s finest minds, in keeping with ancient traditions. If you have a suggestion for a class or a teacher, please contact us.

Visiting Salem?  Stop By And Say Hello!

The shop is located in the historical McIntire District surroundind by many 1700s and 1800s buildings.  Our new location is one such structure.  Our street is on the tour route of the National park Service of this area.  We invite you to visit us today! May the God and Goddess bless you all.

Craft Practitioner Items

We carry a fine assortment of books on Witchcraft, Wicca, Magick, New Age interests, as well as incense, figurines, jewelry, candles magickal cords, and more.  Whether experienced or curious, we may have what you want. Stop in and browse!


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