Passages-My Brother Victor

My dear friends. It is with a heavy heart that I offer that my older brother Victor, age 87 years young, passed into the Light on Monday February 6, 2017 at 1:01 AM Eastern Time. He was a bearer The Light, and now carries that into The Light with our Ancestors. Our family has many beliefs as do many of yours. Victor was a member of the Church of Christ LDS (Mormon) and was respected in his church and neighborhood in which he resided. He affectionately helped care for many and was known by those in Florida where he resided as “Grandpa.” Religion was never an issue for us, and while we differed in our paths we all shared a belief in doing good for others, as that is expected of us by the Divine, however you may personify He/She/Them. My brother is survived by a daughter, Roberta, grandchildren Mark and Maddie, and a great-granddaughter Lilliana.

Next Strega Class Feb 19

Advanced Strega Class – Current students – The next scheduled class will be held on Sunday, February 19, at our regular location and time. Please RSVP your intentions to attend, or not, so we can plan. Please advise to the shop at:   978-740-9297.

Winter Reading

Winter doldrums have you down?  Here are some interesting books to consider from your local bookstore or online bookseller.     I’ve been reading some of these or have already read them.  Read… it is exercise for the mind.

Heresey – Sacrelidge – Prophecy,”  by S. J. Parris.  A 3-book series including characters such as Giordano Bruno (my ancestor) offering a historical in the Elizabethan era.  Well researched with fact, and encompassing fiction.    Read more at:

Two books by my dear friend Patricia Cornwall.  “Chaos,” a highly-researched must-read you cannot put down, and also watch for the upcoming book to be called “Ripper.”  More at:

And for positive motivation and thinking:  “Jump,” by Steve Harvey to help you overcome the feeling of not being able to move forward, and to dispel negative thinking.  A review can be seen at:

Enjoy!  Make a cup of tea and sit back and enjoy personal time.  Refresh the body and soul while exercising the mind!  BB!

Holiday Hours

We will have special holiday season hours so our staff can enjoy this festive
season with family and friends.   See you soon !

Sat – Dec 24 – Closed – Christmas Eve
Sun – Dec 25 – Closed – Christmas Day
Mon – Dec 26 – Closed – Christmas Observed

Dec 27 thru Dec 30 – Regular Hours

Sat – Dec 31 – Closed – New Years Eve
Sun – Jan 1 – Closed – New Years Day
Mon – Jan 2 – Closed – New Years Observed

Holiday Gift Ideas

Here are a few of our products that might be great Holiday Gift ideas.

Large Cimaruta (chim’-ah-roo’-tah) for use on a chain as a pendant – $42.00
Approx 1.5 in X 1.5 in

Small Cimaruta (chim’-ah-roo’-tah) with Amethyst for a chain as a pendant – $33.99
Approx 1.25 in X 1.0 in

Candle Intention Kits (all you need – various intentions)  $27.00

Spell Kits (all you need – various intentions)  $22.00

Essential oil Kits for special anointing or fragrance work.  $32.99


We also have a wide assortment of books for your reading pleasure and continuing education with a wide diversity of subject matter.

Don’t know what to get for a friend?  We can provide you with a GIFT CERTIFICATE for a psychic reading with one of our talented readers.  $40 for a 15 minute reading.  Certificate are good from date of purchase through September 30, 2017.

Happy Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is here having come in just after 6 AM EST yesterday on Dec 21.  This is the Birth of the Sun (not Son) when the days start to get longer and we move forward to begin new ideas, new projects, and experience the birth of the coming year.  It’s cold here but as the days get longer we know the warmth of Mother Earth will return.  Of course, before we do any spell work, we always take into consideration when Mercury is retrograde.  You don’t need an ephemeris anymore, you can look it up quickly on any laptop of cell!  We wish all of our friends a Joyous Yuletide season and send blessings for a prosperous holiday season.  May you all have the Blessings of the Goddess and God and may you never hunger or thirst.

Thanksgiving Week Special Hours

Hello everyone!  We will have special store hours this Thanksgiving holiday week so our staff can be with family over the holiday.

Mon – Nov 21 – 11 AM-6PM   (reg hours)
Tue   – Nov 22 – 11 AM-6PM   (reg hours)
Wed – Nov 23 – Closed
Thu  – Nov 24 – Closed – Thanksgiving Day
Fri    – Nov 25 – 11 AM-6PM   (reg hours)
Sat   – Nov 26 – 11 AM-6PM   (reg hours)

We then return to regular hours.  Remember, Saturday, November 26, is Small Business Day.  Please support local small business in your community!

Samhain Circle-Oct 31

All Hallows Circle – Samhain – October 31, 2016

Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church in conjunction with Magika and other local merchants and covens will host a Samhain circle just outside of the Magika Shop, on Monday, October 31, 2016, at 1:00 PM in the afternoon.

The event is being held early to accommodate many who have to leave Salem early to return home for school and work the next day.

Magika is located at 63 Wharf Street (63-R), Salem, MA. 01970 in the Pickering Wharf business district.

Those bringing canned and packaged goods (non-perishable) may leave them at the store and they will be delivered to a local charity.