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We are honored to work with these talented, experienced psychic readers. Learn more about them, or call Magika at  978-740-9297  to book your reading today.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to recent issues with fraudulent transactions, we are no longer able to accept Personal Checks or Credit-Debit Cards for Psychic Consultations.  All Psychic Readings & Consultations will be cash only.

We will accept Credit-Debit cards for merchandise sales only.

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are available downtown Salem.

Lori_Reduced_Size1• Lori Bruno •

Please see Lori’s page  HERE
Please contact Lori directly to arrange all bookings at:  978-741-9297

All of Lori’s appointments must be booked in advance at the number above.

• Anthony Bruno •

Anthony Bruno was born into a family of Italian Witches known as Strega. He discovered his psychic gifts as a young child at the feet of his mother, Lori Bruno, owner of Magika and a Strega Witch of great renown from Boston’s Italian North End.

Those seeking Anthony may contact Lori Bruno per above.

 Richard has been a gifted psychic practitioner for 25 years. He has been practicing meditation for 25 years and combines Tarot, Astrology, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience to give you exact details that will help you turn the corner in love, prosperity and business. During a session his powerful psychic skills can connect you with a loved one who has passed on. He has consulted for business owners, missing persons and legal cases, and predicted many weddings to which he ended up invited! Richard produced and moderated a weekly "call in" psychic radio program called, "Coast Revelations" on WKOST and has been quoted in major publications. He reads for celebrities, government officials and everyday people. By knowing we step out of the chaos. When Richard was asked what are some of the more memorable psychic readings he replied, " The time I was more accurate with a client than a 20th Century President's famous Astrologer regarding a love outcome.

• Richard •

We regret to advise that our dear friend, Richard will not be taking appointments for readings for the foreseeable future due to a recent very serious illness and long-term recovery.

• Mary K. •

Mary K. has been reading the Tarot for over 40 years and is adept at reading from multiple decks and offers astrological intuitive readings as well.  A natural intuitive, she began reading as a teenager.  Born in the Celtic lands, she has lived most of her life in the USA, and brings a rich folk heritage to her readings.

Please call to inquire on her availability.

You may book Mary by calling Magika at: :  978-740-9297

Please note, appointments are highly encouraged.  However, we can accommodate walk-in appointments on a first-come basis.  Please contact us at:  978-740-9297  to determine if we can accommodate you.

Readings can be a very personal, and sometimes emotional experience.  With a focus on our clients, we request that you be patient if the reading before yours extends unexpectedly.  We believe that having a focus on our clients is important to the experience.  We endeavor to assure that scheduled readings happen at the appointed time but occasionally they will slip.  Please build this into your plans and if your scheduled reading time slips by 15 minutes or more please ask someone for an update.  We appreciate your patience.

Thank You!