Winter Reading

Winter doldrums have you down?  Here are some interesting books to consider from your local bookstore or online bookseller.     I’ve been reading some of these or have already read them.  Read… it is exercise for the mind.

Heresey – Sacrelidge – Prophecy,”  by S. J. Parris.  A 3-book series including characters such as Giordano Bruno (my ancestor) offering a historical in the Elizabethan era.  Well researched with fact, and encompassing fiction.    Read more at:

Two books by my dear friend Patricia Cornwall.  “Chaos,” a highly-researched must-read you cannot put down, and also watch for the upcoming book to be called “Ripper.”  More at:

And for positive motivation and thinking:  “Jump,” by Steve Harvey to help you overcome the feeling of not being able to move forward, and to dispel negative thinking.  A review can be seen at:

Enjoy!  Make a cup of tea and sit back and enjoy personal time.  Refresh the body and soul while exercising the mind!  BB!