The Circle of Blessings of Living, Light & Love

Saturday, October 31 at 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Hosted by Magika and Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church. We, the living, have families, friends and loved ones who have gone to the Light to whom we give our remembrance. 
“Not a Witch Alone!”, in our tradition doesn’t mean you must have a group of human Witches to practice with, each of us has our own Ancestral Divine Coven, made up of those who have gone before and who are always with us. On this Holy Day, whatever tradition you may keep, Magi, Witch, etc. – the Tradition of the Ancestor, our revered Dead, will always live within each and every one of us. Is not your skin your very bones a part of our Ancestral DNA? I like to say that DNA stands for “Dead Near Always”, and our Ancestors will be there at the end of this trail to have the joy of meeting you, who loved and honored them, and you will also have left your own impact on those you have touched and left behind.

This Holy Day and Festival of Remembrance is held for all, that you may remember those who have been a part of the tapestry of your Life; remember them this day and night and know the Wheel of the Year has turned again. In Stregheria we say, “Do good and forget, Do Evil and Remember”. Do good to those who are in need, as the greatest act in Life is to give back.  With this in mind, as always, please bring a donation for the HAWC Shelter. In living we are giving and giving we are living, and all that is, is sacred.

-This event is held on the lawn at Pickering Wharf, outside of Magika on the 65 Wharf Street, Salem, MA and is a free event for all ages. . For more information about this event please contact Magika 978-740-9297 63R Wharf Street Salem, MA