The next Advanced Strega/Magi Class in the closed series will be a special offering centering on the “Ethics of the Craft”  held on October 4th, 2015 at Victoria Station from 12:00noon to 5PM. This class will be a part of the ongoing series itself which is now closed to new admissions, but this one time offering is also being offered to the public as a one time opportunity.

In this class, you will be taught how to use your Magikal Selves to create your special Will to manifest that which you Will to have in this Life!  Because of people that are coming to Salem now, I have decided to open an overview of the Craft of the Wise and to bring forward that which is taught so that you all may understand what the Craft is and what it is not. This is not a Hollywood stereotype, this is reality as I was taught by my family many years ago!

  • To register for  this class, please call Magika at (978) 740-9297 or stop by Magika before class.
  • Admission to this presentation is open to all.
  • Please bring a notebook and pen.
  • You are welcome to purchase your meal at Victoria Station or try any of the local eateries.
  • Please arrive promptly.  We have a lot to cover!
  • 4-hour, metered street parking is available in the neighborhood. Paid public parking is also available at the nearby South Harbor Garage.