“The Evil Eye”

A practical, modern-day exploration of one of the oldest, most universal, and storied forms of folk magic, by Antonio Pagliarulo

Evil Eye Book Cover

Antonio Pagliarulo explores the phenomenon of The Evil Eye: what it is, its origins and causes — and, most crucially, how to avoid, repel, and remove it. Rich with cultural anecdotes and traditions, mystical lore, and modern concepts, The Evil Eye offers practical advice for shielding yourself from the destructive and lingering power of this mysterious and persistent force.

The book:

Defines The Evil Eye and traces its roots into antiquity and across an extraordinary breadth of cultures and traditions
Shows readers how to diagnose The Evil Eye, how to cure it, and how to cast it on others
Explores the use of amulets and talismans bearing The Evil Eye, including its remarkable prevalence in popular jewelry designs
Includes the history and use of various talismans such as the Hamsa; the Italian cornicello and mano figa; the azabache stone; the Kabbalah red string; mirror pendants; and many others.

The Evil Eye by Antonio Pagliarulo, displays dilligent research into the subject, as well as how to protect yourself from the Evil Eye’s malignant effects. Read this book and you will become a warrior and nor a worrier. Envy is the Evil Eye: l’invidia il malocchio. The evil of envy is worldwide, the underside of vision! No need to write more. You who read my words, obtain this very valuable book.” — Reverend Lori Bruno-Sforza, HPS, Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church and Chapel of the archangel Michael.

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