All That Glitters

A friend of mine has recently published a book entitled, “All That Glitters.” It is a period piece that you may find an enjoyable read on a cold winter night, or for that matter, at any time.

This Georgian era romance set in 18th Century England is seen through three generations of women who touch the nobility of England. Jenny is destroyed by her affair with a high nobleman with royal antecedents. Dying in childbirth, her daughter, Nancy, lives a life of hardship as an unacknowledged bastard. Before she dies, she tells her daughter, Annalee Curtis of her noble/royal heritage. Now, it’s the beautiful Annalee Curtis’s time with a handsome young nobleman, but proving her worth, using all of her charms, even witchcraft, she seduces her lover into a secret marriage. However, it is a union of two different clashing worlds. Can she succeed and regain her noble and royal title? This is a real bodice-ripper, rags- to-riches tale of a pure heart and impure morals and a good description of class-divided 18th Century England.

The author, F. Tropea, has a Lit. Major as well as a Psychology and History minor, and a Harvard graduate. Employed in the allied legal world, he sees a lot of crime, evil, and heartbreak, giving an insight to the darker side of human nature. He has also a poet with published titles as well as other past, and soon-to-be-published books.

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