Hate Speech?

To all of my friends… and maybe a few who are not… It has recently come to my attention that of late some of the shops in Salem have been experiencing negative reviews in social media advertising sites, and social media in general. For what it’s worth, they are not the only victims — have also experienced these things on Yelp, TripAdvisor, and others. The bashing has been wide-spread and it is clear that this is being conducted by those seeking to cause harm to local business either directly or via their minions under their control. We reflect, “An Harm Ye None…” Doing this breaks the Wise Law of the 4Fs, Flax, Flags, Fodder, Frey (Frig). Flax… never take the clothing off the backs of anyone; Flags or homes… never compromise the roof over anyone’s head; Fodder or food… never take food of their tables; Frey or Frig signifying love… never compromise the love of their family members and friends. I’d add to that one more “F” for freedom. We should all be free of such.

These are the Laws of the Ancient Craft. Breaking these suggests that you are not one of us. The God and Goddess known who you are — and maybe do others. Friend or Foe, I have never done this to any local business. There is enough for all to go around, and I offer the best wishes for all local business no matter who you are. Those conducting this do so out of greed, avarice, and jealousy.

Watching how the minions triangulate this to deflect suspicion is clever as well as interesting to observe, yet it is not rocket science to see what is going on. Many are being victimized — In the end, Three-Fold will engage naturally. The Goddess gives and takes away. Build community rather than attempt to destroy it.

I am, and remain, available. If you have a difference with me please call and speak to me. Hiding behind the keyboard with your whispers degrades you, and all of the Craft. My blessings to all of the shops in Salem that you may prosper.