Passages-My Brother Victor

My dear friends. It is with a heavy heart that I offer that my older brother Victor, age 87 years young, passed into the Light on Monday February 6, 2017 at 1:01 AM Eastern Time. He was a bearer The Light, and now carries that into The Light with our Ancestors. Our family has many beliefs as do many of yours. Victor was a member of the Church of Christ LDS (Mormon) and was respected in his church and neighborhood in which he resided. He affectionately helped care for many and was known by those in Florida where he resided as “Grandpa.” Religion was never an issue for us, and while we differed in our paths we all shared a belief in doing good for others, as that is expected of us by the Divine, however you may personify He/She/Them. My brother is survived by a daughter, Roberta, grandchildren Mark and Maddie, and a great-granddaughter Lilliana.