MAGIKA PRESENTS: ANGEL MAGIC CLASS: Jonathan Sousa: Feb 27, 2016 TIME: 2PM-4PM @Victoria Station Meeting Room

BY: Jonathan Sousa
DATE: February 27, 2016
PLACE: Victoria Station Meeting Room
From distant antiquity, the choirs of angels have existed. All religions recognize intermediary spirits between the Divine and humanity. In the purest sense, an angel is a messenger relaying power and wisdom between worlds. They exist to uphold the Divine Laws. Lastly, as mediators of the forces of creation, their aid may be courted for assistance in all matters (mundane and spiritual). This class draws from the Hermetic synthesis of the Italian Reinassance, the Angelic Art taught by Madeline Montalban, and the Greek Magical Papyri. Both theory and practice will be addressed.
Jonathan Sousa is a votary of the Goddess Diana, whom he serves through the initiatory framework of the Italian Continental Craft. Other paths are an admitted influence upon his development, and Jonathan draws from these in his unique approach to the Elder Faith. Much of his current research is upon the revival of oracular prophecy and Neoplatonic/Hermetic theurgy.
Jonathan is the author of Witch Heart: Essays in Traditional Craft Philosophy, Classical Polytheism, and Reflections in Diana’s Mirror (an anthology about his matron Goddess). A native of RI, he makes his home in Southeastern MA.
Jonathan will have his signed books available for purchase.
To register or for further information on Jonathan’s class, please stop by or call Magika at 978-740-9297.
See you there!
Lori and the Magika Team