Reflections On All Hallows

This article appeared in the Haunted Happenings Magazine, 2016 edition, on Pg 50 as published by Destination Salem.

Reflections On All Hallows

“And The Soul Lives Forever And Remains Bathed In Light”

All Hallows observances at this time of year are varied throughout the world.  For some, this means dressing up in scary costumes and for others it is a time to honor the dead.  For us, it is the time of Life, Love, and Living as much as it is a time to remember those who have gone before us.

Why do we remember the dead at this time of the year?  This is a simple reflection of the  changing seasons as Mother Earth moves from a plentiful harvest into the cold and barren winter, followed by rebirth.  The natural cycles of our planet are a manifestation of something we all experience.  This is a Circle of Life that never ends.

We are connected to those whom we love in life, whether this is within our immediate family, extended family, or our many friends.  They all have importance to us.  What then of death?  Does this relationship end?  We do not believe so.  Our loved ones are just as important to us in their eternal life as they were in their physical life.

This is why we call this time of year a festival of Living, Light and Love because those that have gone before us are still with us in our minds, hearts, and souls, and are just as alive to us now as they were before.  How many of us have reflected on their lessons taught in the past, or told a humorous story about a loved one who is gone?  Are they really gone or are they just as alive now as they were when in their body?

We believe we can call on them to honor them, to learn from them, and to continue to enjoy them.  For us, this is the Divine Coven that surrounds us throughout our lives.

A true Witch is never alone.  To us, our ancestors are ever-present.  Their lessons of love, trust, and honor remain with you just as much as when they walked on this Earth in your presence.


In the ancient Egyptian culture, the body was preserved for the afterlife by wrapping the outer form to preserve its shape.  The inner organs were placed in storage vessels known as conopic jars since their belief found them only to be necessary to the body in life.  However, they deemed the heart to be an important vessel as the center of the soul and all emotions, and so the heart was the only organ left in the body to accompany the person into the afterlife.

Ancient hieroglyphs tell us that to those ancient wise ones, the soul would be weighed against the weight of a feather.  The feather was the symbol of the Goddess Maat (mah-t).  Maat was the ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice. Maat was also personified as a Goddess regulating the stars, seasons of the earth, and the actions of both mortals and the deities.  She also set forth order to the universe from chaos erupting at the moment of creation.

The lesson here is simple; when you have love in your heart, you will never be alone and you will be the most-formidable of all people around you.  Evil cannot stand love, and it cannot thrive when there is love. When you carry the light of your Divine Coven you are never without companionship or hope.

You are a part of them as a member of the same family.  Their DNA flows within your body.  Their soul lives within you forever.

The wise ones of the past knew this, and it has been passed down in many forms through many cultures.  Would you recognize these lessons if you heard them?  You can even find these lessons committed to the Sacred Scriptures of the many religions of the world.

While All Hallows is a time when we tend to reflect on our ancestors, remember as well that they are with you always.  Close your eyes and remember them.  Call on them and ask them for help.  They are quite alive in their eternal soul and will come to you and inspire you with their wisdom.  Let no one bend you or coerce you.  You are never alone.  Stand your ground!

Then, Think.  Have you been kind to your family and friends?  Have you cared for your animal friends?  Have you helped maintain a healthy and clean environment?  Will your soul stand the test of Maat as it is weighed against the feather when it is your time to cross over? Only you can make that decision.

So as the All Hallows season unfolds before us, reflect… Can you be a part of that Light, Love and Living?

To all of our friends and to all those we will soon meet, we extend many blessing at this Sacred time of the year.
Rev. Lori Bruno, Pastor, HPS
And Revs D. M. Kirkpatrick & Rev. M. P. Kirkpatrick, Assoc. Pastors
Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church, Salem, MA.

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