Magi Mojo

Lori BrunoAnnouncing – Magi Mojo

A spell is only as good as the person casting it and the tools used to cast it. Unfortunately most people do not have the experience or resources to perform effective magic. The result is that the magical spell is ineffective or worse, the practitioner inadvertently allows dark forces into his or her magic and into his or her life.  Lori Bruno, a hereditary Strega, has been practicing the “old religion” of Italy and Sicily for over 60 years.  Let her put her years of experience to work for you with a customized spell kit that contains all of the physical tools such as oils, herbs and amulets, along with written incantations that you will need for effective magic.  These are prepared specifically for you and meticulously tailored to your own personal intentions!

Here is how Magi Mojo works.

1.  Call Lori Bruno at 978-741-9297 and ask that that a Magi Mojo kit
           be prepared for you.
2.  Leave a call back number and time where you can be reached.
3.  Lori Bruno will personally contact you to discuss your particular situation.
4.  She will personally prepare your kit with specific written instructions for use.
5.  When complete, you may either pick the kit up at Magika on Pickering Warf
           in Salem or have the kit shipped to you.
6.  Once you have your kit, Lori will speak with you again to instruct you on its use.
7.  Price varies by each particular kit.  You will be told the price before committing
          to a purchase.
8.  Payment may be by cash or credit card if picked up at Magika and by credit card
          only if shipped.
9.  As these are custom made kits, delivery time will vary.

Please be aware that Lori Bruno does not practice “black magic.”  Lori works only with the “light” and will not prepare spells intended to do harm or to call upon dark or evil forces.

Call today for your Magi Mojo spell kit!