An Open Letter – March 15 2017

TO       :  All of my friends and followers:
RE       :  A Public Statement
FROM :  Lori Bruno
DATE  :  March 15, 2017

Those of you engaged in the Internet and various forms of social media may have read by now that a controversy has arisen regarding myself and certain people.  Such controversies are nothing new it seems.  However, the failure of the Internet and social media often allows for misinformation to be published and shared, and then deemed to be factual.  Some of it cannot be more further from the truth.

To coin a recent phrase, “Fake News.”

So please allow me to bring you all up to date.

Just a couple of weeks ago information came into my possession that a former Craft associate and book author had participated in a process to have their initiates engage in a “binding” work against myself, and an individual with whom I have had past legal entanglements with, as well as people close to that person.  I found this to be shocking, especially given all of the respect and assistance that myself and other conveners gave this person when he and his wife were in specific need some years back.

The anonymous person sending me that data did the right thing.  Having been faced with a moral dilemma, they contacted me to advise me of this treachery.  I remain very grateful to this person.

I have always been forthcoming that if I have a problem with someone that I will speak to them personally, and face-to-face when possible.  This is the old way.  I have also extended this courtesy to others.  If you have a problem with me, speak to me, don’t hide behind the keyboard.

So when this info came to me I immediately called this person to confront them.  At first the person was not understanding of what I spoke, even though a copy of this information had just been sent to him to read for himself and to offer just cause.  No one else that has seen this evidence has had any problems reading it, or understanding it.  Yet this person fumbled over his words claiming a lack of understanding and memory.

Eventually the conversation, now including both parties on the phone admitted to the magickal working, but rather than a “binding” it was a “quelling.”  OK, as far as I am concerned, “tomato – to-mah-to.”  Further, here it is 2017 and this was done in 2015 in the fall months.  It included me and 3 others.  Why that group of people?  What was the gain or profit?  What was the intent?  Why any spell to bind or quell anyone when you have the option to make your concerns known to me in an honorable fashion.

Having confronted these people and having found them out, I made it clear, “See you later.”  I have cut the association and friendship.  That is what we do.

Less than 24 hours later we received their resignation from their clergy privileges in my church; a voluntary act on their part, and most welcome under the circumstances.

The information regarding the binding (…or is it a “quelling?”  Inquiring minds want to know?) eventually made its way to those with whom I have had past legal entanglements, and it seems that social media is now abuzz with their outrage.  It seems we are all victims.

Of specific interest is that exchanges in social media have also found out that this former associate and those with whom I have had past legal entanglements have done this before.

To wit, from this person’s own social media posting (in an effort to justify the work), “…yes, this was like the graveyard spell we did with you in Salem when people were messing with you.”

Oh, … really?  To quote the Church Lady character from old Saturday Night TV shows, “Well, isn’t that special.”  So this was not the first instance it seems when this person has engaged in a magickal work against me.

I was also accused of “outing” this person’s real name, who is known by a nom-de-plume, to the rest of the world under a false impression that we were the only person’s in possession of this information.  Wrong.

All you need to do is look up property deeds and voter registrations.  Those are public data that anyone can reference easily either in person or on-line.  Further, as a clergy person (now former) in my church, the legal name had to be on file with our Secretary of State.  This made it a public record subject to disclosure under Massachusetts M. G. L. Chapter 66, Section 10.

For those interested, my name is well-established and known, and public.  Go look it up for yourselves.

Now, after a few days of deep thought on this, I am now wondering what else has been going on in clandestine circles.  Could it be that certain telephone calls at 2 AM calling me the “C_Word” and telling me to die, came from those now found out?

I have postulated that to a few people, who have since improperly shared this with those with whom I have had past legal entanglements.  That party has taken this to be an apology from me and is touting that in social media.  Not so!

Again… Fake News.

No apology has been issued, and none is planned to be issued.  That would only happen if evidence was overwhelming and irrefutable.

I forgive a lot but when you call me a C _ U _ N _ T to my face on multiple occasions you have reached a point where forgiveness is not warranted, nor will it be considered.

So if you are seeing postings that are being uploaded, shared, and re-shared suggesting I have apologized and that we are making up.  I repeat… Fake News.

Finally, this controversy has not only seen these people resign from their clergy privileges in my church body, but I have received a couple of additional resignations as a result of this.

So please pay attention.  Those to whom I have granted clergy privileges have no obligation to me.  If you feel that this is too much for you to handle, I will graciously accept your resignation without prejudice.  I would much prefer to have quality people who understand the meaning of Wisdom – Integrity – Truth – Courage – Honor (WITCH).  If you do choose to drop out, at least give me the courtesy of an e-mail or call.

There is no doubt in my mind that this will go on for many weeks, but I have little interest or time to devote to this issue.

We have parted ways, and that is done, and there was no apology.

Thank You all.

Lori Bruno

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